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5 gluten free fig recipes that you can eat throughout the day


Seasonal Paleo and gluten free recipes 

5 gluten free fig recipes that you can eat throughout the day

Laura | Lau Sunday cooks

When I first flew to New York, about ten years ago, I used to be a very fussy eater, to such an extent, I wouldn't eat any food with the green coloured ingredients. Weird, right?!

I was quite pleased to book a non-stop flight from Barcelona to New York so I didn’t have to worry about the hassle of having to stop-over at some airport and try to find something I would be happy to eat. However, while it should have been a pleasing journey it became my worst nightmare when I was given the first meal of the long trip: a Spinach omelette.

It was then at lunch time I really started to panic, when our second meal was served and that also had spinach on it again!  When I landed at JFK airport I was so starving, so the first thing I did was hunt out a McDonalds McChicken meal.  Since then I have learned to always travel with some snacks on me.

Now, I’m not such a picky eater and I will even eat spinach, and enjoy it, although I still wouldn't eat meals that had spinach as its main ingredient during one day.

Instead I'd rather figs.

So, here are...

5 gluten free fig recipes that you can eat throughtout 1 day:


Cauliflower cake with maple-glazed bacon and figs 

The smooth cauliflower dough combined with the smoky flavour of the bacon and the sweetness of maple syrup and figs, make a deliciously pop-in-your-mouth on every bite of this cake. 

Yep. One of the recipes I created last year! I will never get bored of this cake. Actually I could eat this dish all day long. 


Grilled figs with goats cheese

From Jose's Pizarro's Spanish Flavours cookbook. These grilled figs with goats' cheese, honey and walnuts will only take you 10 minutes to prepare for a very delicious lunch.

Figs and ricotta cheesecake popsicles

Gorgeous cross-sections of sweet figs being encased in a thick and creamy, lightly sea-salted ricotta “cheesecake” mixture, like frozen eternal jewels!

Mandy, from Lady and Pups, knows that there is no summer without popsicles so she proposes these beautiful figs cheesecake popsicles to cool down.


Raw fig, blue cheese, grapes and almonds salad (Scroll down for recipe)

The recipe I'm sharing with you today is the perfect speedy mid-afternoon snack, perfect to get you to carry on till dinner time. So simple and so healthy. The combination of the blue cheese, grapes, figs, almonds and honey is explosively tasty.


Gluten free pumpkin, goats cheese and fig tart

After all, everybody loves a big old tart. 

Georgia from George eats is right. Who doesn't like tarts? End your fig-day with this gorgeous tart made from oat, almond and millet flour.  Oh, and figs, of course.

What food would you like to have in one-day menu? Please feel free to leave a comment below.

Happy cooking!



Serves 2


Cut in halves the figs, wash the grapes and cut in slices the blue cheese

Place all in a plate, sprinkle with almonds and drizzle with honey

That's all!

Enjoy! :)



4 figs, cut in halves

1 handful of washed grapes

4-5 slices of blue cheese

2/3 cup flaked almonds

1 tablespoon of clear honey