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7 tips for the perfect roast potato + Christmas giveaway!


Seasonal Paleo and gluten free recipes 

7 tips for the perfect roast potato + Christmas giveaway!

Laura | Lau Sunday cooks

It's Christmas give-away time folks! Here is your chance to win a 200$ gift card to spend on anything for your loved one, or to treat yourself.  

To enter this contest you will have to submit your very best tip for cooking the perfect Christmas Roast or great Christmas pie. 

We all know that making a great Christmas roast or Christmas pie could lead anyone to get stressed. Rather than enjoying the company of your family and friends, you find yourself trying to figure out when to start cooking the turkey and potatoes, boil the vegetables and prepare the gravy and for it all to come together and be ready ALL at once... oh and of course hot ! 

So to help with the roast potatoes at least, here is my contribution and guide to achieving the perfect roast potato, that I’ve been learning and perfecting over the past few years!

7 tips for the perfect roast potato | Lau Sunday cooks

Crispy on the outside, fluffy and light on the inside.

Keeping this in mind, let’s see my top 7 tips for the best roast potato:

  • Size matter. To make sure the potatoes won’t break up during roasting, cut the potatoes in half keeping the pieces quite large and cook them for as long as you possibly can. 

  • Set your timer. Yep, this is important guys. Potatoes have to be boiling for exactly 2 minutes. 

  • Boil ahead before the big day. To save hob space, boil the potatoes for 10 minutes, drain very well and leave to steam dry for about 3 minutes. On a baking tray that fits in your freezer, freeze them in a single layer then on the Big Day, you will just to tip into hot oil and bake them. If you don’t have space in the freezer and prefer to make the potatoes on the same day, then the best thing to do is go ahead and boil them in the morning, then toss in a little oil and store in the fridge until you’re ready to roast them.

  • Shake it!. Once potatoes are drained, give the colander a bit of a shake to help chuff up the potatoes – this will help to make them crisp later on. 

7 tips for the perfect roast potato | Lau Sunday cooks.jpg
7 tips for the perfect roast potato |  Lau Sunday cooks .jpg
  • Go for goose fat. Go for goose fat! Mixing the olive oil with goose fat, will add an extra taste to the potatoes.
  • Squash. When in the oven,  turn the potatoes with a spatula every 10 minutes and on through the cooking time, squashing gently each potato to increase the surface area – the more of your potato that’s in contact with the pan, the crispier it will be.

  • Add extra flavour.  Play with your favourites herbs to create flavour combos. For my version I used garlic and thyme.

If you wish to enter to the contest and have the chance to win 200$ gift card, just click on the button below where it says answer the question and fill it with your secret tip for the perfect Christmas roast or Christmas pie!

7 tips for the perfect roast potato | Lau Sunday cooks

Good luck to everyone & Happy cooking!