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Aubergine cannelloni with mint sauce (Gluten free)


Seasonal Paleo and gluten free recipes 

Aubergine cannelloni with mint sauce (Gluten free)

Laura | Lau Sunday cooks

Cannelloni, or Canelones in Spanish, is an Italian dish introduced into the Catalan cuisine thanks to Italian chefs that worked in prestigious restaurants around Barcelona. This was how Cannelloni became a recipe for the high class, and a favourite dish for celebrations and Sunday meals.

Cannelloni nowadays, are the traditional dish for the 26th December in Catalonia, curiously made from the meat leftovers from Christmas day.  There are so many different ways to cook cannelloni’s but, if I had to choose my favourite one, I’d say the traditional recipe that has roast meat and fuea grass for the filling, with béchamel sauce on the top. 

Its preparation is elaborate and it requires several hours to prepare it. I remember every 26th of December, my mom would get up very early to cook cannelloni’s for the family, a tradition that we still keep today, wherever we all our. Last Christmas, it was the first time my family spent Christmas with me in England, and as per our tradition, from the leftovers of our English traditional Christmas dinner we made Cannelloni on the 26th, and yes my mom did get up early to cook them... oh gosh ! Am I really talking about Christmas ? That’s so depressing !

Right, so Cannelloni... last weekend I fancy them so much, desperately in fact.  So much so I actually phoned my mom asking her if she could make some for me and them through the post by express delivery, please.  After my failed attempt to convince her, I decided to cook my own cannelloni’s.

Wait. The best comes now... I made Gluten free cannelloni’s!

Aubergines cannelloni with mint sauce|  Lau Sunday cooks

Strangely, it took quite some time to find aubergines in the super market, and when I did I was eager to eat them.  So once bought, I then cooked the lamb, minced with chopped onions, at which point I then thought of the recipe’s name. Clearly it should be Gluten free lamb and aubergine cannelloni with mint sauce. Once I rolled them up, I realised they were very small, so I changed my mind on the name I came up with.  Instead I thought it would be much better to call the dish: Gluten free lamb and aubergine mini cannelloni’s.

The best thing is that you can eat them with stick chops, if you wanted too!

My first thought was substitute the béchamel sauce with tomato sauce, but as you know, I'm not fan of tomatoes so what would be a better sauce to have with lamb other than mint sauce?

Tip: To remove the bitter taste that aubergines have, wash and slice them first. Then, immerse in hot water for about 3 minutes, then straight after, immerse them in cold water for others 3 minutes.

And the result were just amazing. Seriously... I was amazed at the flavour of the ingredients together.

[yumprint-recipe id='15']Will you try my gluten free cannelloni’s version ?  Have you ever tried other alternative to the traditional cannelloni?

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My apologies but this recipe is currently being updated. I always try to improve my recipes, even though they have been published. It will be posted very soon so come back to get the recipe or subscribe to my email newsletter to receive it directly in your mailbox!