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Butternut squash & chocolate brownie sundae


Seasonal Paleo and gluten free recipes 

Butternut squash & chocolate brownie sundae

Laura | Lau Sunday cooks

Phew, I thought it would never happen ! yes the day I could take some time away from unpacking boxes and moving furniture around the new house and get back to preparing a recipe post for the blog.

If you remember my last post, you will know we moved in to our new home, and on top of that, my mum came to England to stay with us for two weeks. I have been over the moon with happiness and enjoying every second of each day, even though moving home is time consuming, exhausting and very stressful.  But I can say, this last month has been one of my happiest moments of the year. 

I was also pleasantly surprised by the lovely emails some of you sent in, asking if we had settled in our home yet.  So, I would like to thank all of you and say: yes ! we are finally settled in and it is now really starting to feel like it’s our home!

Over the last month I’ve not only taken a bit of a break from “blogging”, but I also put myself on a social media detox.  This has been brilliant !, and actually I’m thinking about preparing a new post called “My 30-day Social Media detox”. 

My social media detox (not by my choice you understand), had been the most strange and weird sensation, and had felt like I was in some kind of time warp. I know this sounds odd so I will try to explain;   

Until the end of September, when I was forced to disconnect from the world 2.0, almost every recipe I came across in articles, magazines and from others food bloggers, had been lolly pops and ice creams, reminding us all of the long and wonderful summer.  Then, less than a month later, all I can now see on my Instagram and Facebook feeds, are all type of butternut squash recipes and #thisisfall tags!

I do however love Fall as it marks the start of the end of the year.  This time of the year somehow reminds me the most of my hometown, and the kitchen in my old house where I was born. I can still picture myself making my favourite Catalan panellets, roasting chestnuts and sweet potatoes with mum.  Year after year, since I can remember, I’ve been following this tradition.

But this year it is a little different - no panellets !... but it is ok as instead I have been invited back for a second time to submit a special Halloween recipe for Perfectly Paleo magazine.

I was very tempted to come up with a new version of panellets, but eventually I decided to make a sweet pudding.  The main ingredient is butternut squash, then to add a bit of summer, I’ve topped it off with... yes pumpkin ice cream !  Now thats my kind of summery-autumnal recipe.

Butternut squash brownie sundae by Laura Domingo

This butternut squash and chocolate brownie sundae is rich, indulgent and terrifying addictive. Apart from the butternut squash, which gives a creamy texture to the brownie, the recipe calls for chocolate. Actually, tons of dark chocolate!

The sweetness part is added by xylitol. This sugar alcohol is an alternative sweetener, lower in calories than sugar and no, you will not get drunk if you consume it. They are naturally found in plants, in certain berries, mushrooms and oats. They also appear to have some interesting health benefits, reportedly preventing osteoporosis.  For me they just taste great, but you can read all the positive  and negative opinions in Paleo world.

If you struggle to find xylitol in the stores, palm sugar is a good substitute. It can also be used on a 1.1 basis in recipes, so for every 1 cup of xylitol in a recipe, use 1 cup of palm sugar.

Now, let’s talk about the ice cream; Pumpkin ice cream. On its own it may not sound interesting or particularly delicious, but trust me it’s amazing. The only thing I noticed was the lack of an orange colour I was expecting, but what matters is that this Paleo ice cream tastes glorious. The recipe is very simple to follow and you will only need five ingredients which are pumpkin, dates, coconut milk, vanilla and cinnamon. Tip! You can vary the sweetness of the ice cream by adding more or less dates, which in my case I added the maximum amount allowed, ha! 

All the merit of this ice cream recipe goes to Kelly

Butternut squash brownie sundae by Laura Domingo

To get the recipe of this butternut and chocolate brownie sundae, head over to Perfectly Paleo!

Happy cooking!