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Cauliflower cake with maple-glazed bacon and figs


Seasonal Paleo and gluten free recipes 

Cauliflower cake with maple-glazed bacon and figs

Laura | Lau Sunday cooks

I postponed my Whole30 diet starting date to last Monday because I wanted to make this Cauliflower cake before getting started with this months long clean-eating program.

My weakness for cauliflower is starting to worry me a little bit, as I sometimes find myself thinking about the idea of getting married whilst holding a cauliflower bouquet.... and the guests could throw cauliflower rice, of course.  Can you imagine a wedding dress made from cauliflower?!  I’m just kidding... or am I.

My attempts to develop new Paleo recipes, and using cauliflower have been shown on this blog before:

{Self-advertising} So you can have some of this savoury Cauliflower bread slice for breakfast or lunch or, if you like spicy tastes, go for these Indian Cauliflower muffins as the perfect grab-to-go snack.

However, now when I come back and cook these recipes again, each time I find little ways to improve their flavours.  I have always thought this blog, which will be 1 year old in the very near future (!),  is like my own cookery & photography school. All the time looking back at my first recipes and photographs, I can’t help but smile remembering how many attempts it took me to get the right dish, and how many times I had to throw ones away and start again. 

Nevertheless, I believe this Cauliflower cake recipe won’t be needing any improvement because it’s simply perfection!  

Even though I had originally called this recipe ‘cauliflower pudding’, I decided to rename it the ‘Cauliflower cake’  at the last minute. The reason is because the word pudding might cause lot of confusion depending on what country you are in.  For example in the US, puddings (and please my Americans readers, correct me if I’m wrong!), is only used to talk about a creamy-custardy dessert. However here in England, it can be used to describe both sweet and savoury dishes, which is precisely what this cake is like: a sweet & savoury dish.

Let’s start with the dough. The cauliflower is combined with coconut flour, but only a small amount is needed for this recipe to not make the texture too dense.  This can be quite a common result when cooking with this type of flour. 

The star ingredient in this cauliflower cake, for me though, is without doubt, the egg.  You are going to need six egg whites, which will help you to achieve a light, fluffy and moist cake texture. 

So now for the unexpected ingredients to add to the top of the cake: maple-glazed bacon and figs!

By adding the smoky flavour of the bacon and the sweetness of the maple syrup and figs to the already smooth cauliflower dough, combined they give you a deliciously pop-in-your-mouth sensation with every bite.

My head is already thinking about what my next cauliflower recipe we be, which I know I will start creating very soon. Cauliflower lovers stay tuned!


The smooth cauliflower dough combined with the smoky flavour of the bacon and the sweetness of maple syrup and figs, make a deliciously pop-in-your-mouth on every bite of this cake.

Time Prep. 20 mins. | Time Cook 1 h. | Serves 4


500 gr. / large cauliflower cut into florets

55 gr. / 1/ 2 cup coconut flour

1 tsp. gluten free baking soda

1 large free-range egg

6 large free-range egg whites

1 tsp. maple syrup + 1 tsp. to brush the bacon

4 strips of smoked bacon

4 small figs, cut into thin slices 


Preheat oven to 200C / 450C. Grease a baking tin (I didn’t need to)

Brush the bacon strips with the maple sirup and grill for 10 minutes until crispy and golden

Place the cauliflower florets in a food processor. Pulse until chopped and it looks like cauliflower rice.

Transfer de cauliflower rice to a large bowl, then stir in the coconut flour, baking soda, egg whites, egg and maple syrup and combine all together.

Spoon the mixture into the baking tin and smooth the top.

Turn the heat down to 190C / 375F and bake for 10 minutes. Then, reduce the temperature to 180C/350F and bake further 50 minutes until risen and cooked through.

Remove from the oven and top with the figs slices and the maple-glazed bacon.

Serve warm or at room temperature. Enjoy! 

By Laura | Lau Sunday cooks