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Paleo apple and blueberry tart


Seasonal Paleo and gluten free recipes 

Paleo apple and blueberry tart

Laura | Lau Sunday cooks

Before switching to Paleo, I never really ate any sweets or cakes, so I didn't cook them. On the odd occasion I might make a cupcake or basic cake, but that was all.

The reason is simple: I’m not a sugary person, I’m  more in to snacks instead. Right now I’m thinking how to make Paleo cheetos, Paleo Doritos or whatever crisps I can make that are Paleo-friendly. Yum!!

However, since I started on my Paleo diet, I’ve discovered so many new desserts and treats, that they have made me a bit curious, so much so it encouraged me recently to make some banana muffins and chocolate cookies.

Chocolate-cookies | Lau Sunday cooks

I confess that I don't find baking easy, unlike some people that have the gift for making awesome desserts and turning them into real pieces of art. 


So, as I had done cookies and muffins, I though to go a step further and make a cake... after all they are just big muffins right ?!  To be honest, the first one that came to my mind was this one. 


What ?... Come on if I keep trying then one day right ?!? 


Ok, so being honest, I decided to make something a little smaller and easier to start with it and build my way: an Apple and blueberry tart! 

To start up, I made a list of all the ingredients and tools I need;

Baking tray


After S saw the list (who will asked to see my shopping list??!!) it was left like this:

Baking tray


Once I got my new tool, I went to my a food market to buy some figs, prunes and blueberries. I wasn’t going to use all these fruits in one go, really... I hadn't thought yet about the filling, but I wanted to have some alternatives of fruit to fill the tart with. 


To make the tart dough, I followed the Elana’s Pantry recipe from her cookbook Paleo Cooking. For those who don't know this cookbook yet, I'll say that it's best ever purchase I have done. The recipe call for almond flour but I felt free to add some ground walnuts to give more nutty flavour to the tart.

I found it so easy and quick to make. When I had the dough mixed and ready to place in the baking tray, my thought was there will not be enough dough to cover my tray (I used 26 cms / 10.5 inch one) but I was wrong. Using my hands, I spread the dough gently over the baking tray and the result was this.

Crust tart | Lau Sunday cooks

Attracted by the beautiful colours of the blueberries, I decided to use them for the filling and save the figs for other recipe which you will see very soon.

Blueberries tarts are commonly filled along with cheese cream or similar dairy cream and this was exactly what I wanted to avoid to get a 100% Paleo and gluten free and dairy free dessert. So, taking advance that I had quite a few apples, I used them to fill the tart and help blueberries to settle in the middle.

Cutting the apple into slices and put them over the tart is the step that takes longer but it is well worth. Leave your creativity fly and play with the slices apple and blueberries to make a nice top.

Paleo apple and blueberries tart | Lau Sunday cooks

Then I removed the tart from the oven, I couldn’t believe it... had I really made that?!   Woohoo

Next, the real test; because a cake that looks awesome doesn't mean that it tastes awesome.

I needed an objective taster as for me, the cake tasted awesome. Of course.

I though about who could be my taster... No, S can't be. He won't be objective as he still remembers the last time he said my muffins were too runny and he had to sleep on the sofa...

Oh, ok I got it.... This one is good - perfect in fact... his mother.

Yes, I know. Everyone knows how dangerous the mothers-in-law can be.

So I took her some tart and she tried it after promising me not to be too English and to tell me the truth.

Then she said: Um.. ummm... it's very nice, sweet heart!

Me: Really? or are you being polite?

No no, hm, I like it!


But you need to work on it, I think you should make more.

: )

Paleo apple and blueberries tart | Lau Sunday cooks
Paleo apple and blueberries tart | Lau Sunday cooks

Do you want to know more about almond flour? Don’t miss this post: How to cook with almond flour.




My apologises but this recipe is currently being updated. I always try to improve my recipes, even though they have been published. It will be posted very soon so come back to get the recipe or subscribe to my email newsletter to receive it directly in your mailbox!