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Food challenge: Paleo, vegan and gluten free croquettes


Seasonal Paleo and gluten free recipes 

Food challenge: Paleo, vegan and gluten free croquettes

Laura | Lau Sunday cooks

Paleo, vegan, gluten-free croquettes | Lau Sunday cooks

As usual, last weekend was full of cooking, taking pictures and then the best bit, eating.  However, I also found myself wanting to try some new dishes, so, as if it were a challenge, I got ready to cook the healthiest croquettes ever.  

So off I went with the goal of creating Paleo, vegan and gluten free croquettes.

I have never made them before or tasted them, so I was very eager to find out how they tasted and see how the ingredients would work together.

To complete this challenge I had to substitute the filling and the batter; no animal products, none grain and only Paleo foods were going to be used. 

A controversial filling

The main ingredient of the traditional croquette is the béchamel. Although nowadays, we can make a delicious béchamel using gluten free flour, unfortunately they are not Paleo friendly. So the first thing I had to do was substitute the béchamel filling for potato instead.

So here is the controversy: are potatoes really Paleo ?  Well, there is a debate about this as real hard-core Paleo purist may think they are not. For me however, they are an ideal source of post-workout carbohydrate replacement due to their high glycemic content as well as being rich in micro-nutrients such as magnesium and potassium.

If you want to know more about the role of  potatoes on the Paleo diet, Steph from Stupid Easy Paleo, give you a full info about it here.

Flaxseed: the perfect substitute for batter

Flaxseeds are a rich source of micro-nutrients, dietary fiber, magnesium, B vitamins, and omega-3 fatty acids.

Modern research has found evidence to suggest that flaxseed can also help lower the risk of diabetes, cancer and heart disease.

So, besides all the benefits that flaxseed offers, I found it to be the best substitute for breadcrumbs as it has a similar texture that allows to roll the croquettes easily. Besides that the golden dust characteristic of the flaxseed provides a beautiful range of brown colours and shine to the croquettes. 

Paleo, Vegan and gluten free croquettes | Lau Sunday cooks
Paleo, Vegan and gluten free croquettes | Lau Sunday cooks
Paleo, Vegan and gluten free croquettes | Lau Sunday cooks
Paleo, Vegan and gluten free croquettes | Lau Sunday cooks
Let’s bake!

Croquettes are commonly fried in rather a lot of oil. So to make them more healthier I decided to bake them in the oven. This also then saved on the oil as well as avoiding making a lot of mess in the kitchen (not necessarily in that order). Flaxseed can be used for other baked foods such as cookies, bread or muffins without needing to adjust the recipe. More importantly, recent studies that oven temperatures do not impact on omega-3 fatty acids in the flax meaning it doesn't lose its healthy benefits.

Vegan gluten free potato croquettes | Lau Sunday cooks
Vegan gluten free potato croquettes | Lau Sunday cooks

As result, these Paleo, vegan and gluten free croquettesare the perfect healthy appetiser or snack. On their own, whole flax seeds have an earthy and nutty flavour. However, when you eat one of my croquettes, your whole mouth is filled with a sweet, yet slightly bitter favour from the nutmeg I added, and the combination of added potato and almond milk.

We dipped the croquettes with organic gluten free tamari soya but others dipping or sauces would go well with this recipe.

Try these Paleo, vegan and gluten free croquettes if …

  • You have a intolerance diseases and you are on gluten free and dairy free diet.
  • You are on Paleo diet and, also, you are athlete. This is the perfect post-workout snack.
  • You are vegan. These croquettes are excluded from animals products of any kind.
  • You are a croquettes lover. It doesn't matter what flavour they are, what filling there have. If you love all kind of croquettes, definitely you should make them.

My own review

Seeing that these are the first Paleo, vegan and gluten free croquettes that I have cooked, and tasted, I didn’t have anything to compare them with. So me being me, this meant I would be rather critical and compare them to normal croquettes.

To give you my honest opinion, for me (and S, my unconditional tester and biggest critic), the croquettes were ok... not bad... but not wow when compared to the real thing. But we ate them, and did enjoy them. However, I think there is still room for improvement when I try to make them again and I will look for some alternative ingredients.  Or if you want to give them ago, then let me know how yours turned out and perhaps what you changed to make them your own. Sometimes changing one simple ingredient can be that magical key to a successful and super-yummy recipe. 

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My apologises but this recipe is currently being updated. I always try to improve my recipes, even though they have been published. It will be posted very soon so come back to get the recipe or subscribe to my email newsletter to receive it directly in your mailbox!