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A little part of my life + Prawns soba noodles


Seasonal Paleo and gluten free recipes 

A little part of my life + Prawns soba noodles

Laura | Lau Sunday cooks

First recipe of the year. Yay! and as it couldn’t be any other way, yes of course its a healthy one! I ate too much over the past few days. It seems like this Christmas holiday happened only around my dining table. In fact, our “sobremesas”, Spanish word which means after-dinner conversations, were so long that not only did we spent this time chatting, relaxing and playing cards... but also, eating, eating and again - yes; eating.  There were times that I didn’t know what meal I was having... breakfast, brunch, snack-dinner, dinfast..?? Oh well. I did had a very nice holiday and I enjoyed having my family stay, and this is what I really care about.

I also had a look through my latest post and I realised my last three recipes were cakes and cookies! So, I wanted to kick start 2015 with this prawns soba noodles, a warm and a little bit spice curry soup made from buckwheat noodles, king prawns, spinach, ginger and spices.

However, I’m not going to dedicate my first post of the year telling you a story around these prawns soba noodles (I’m sorry).

A little part of my life

Today, I feel I should share with you a little part of my life. Just because today is a special day. I’ve always been told by my parents it looked as if I enjoyed doing all the opposite to what people normally do. For my parents, I was, and I believe they still think I am, a rebel, who ignored the advice of others, took decisions that altered my entire life and, when I was in some moment of my life that they believed it was the best... boom, I shattered their calmness with some unexpected change in my life.

Whilst writing these words, some fond memories come to my mind, some are making me smile and others fill me with nostalgia:

- When I was 11 years old, I was opposed to going to an English School with all my school friends, saying to my mum I didn’t need to learn English, speaking Spanish and Catalan was enough. Besidemum - I told her - what I want to learn is oil painting! and I learnt how to do it. In fact I even exhibited some paintings in an art gallery.

- I left school two months before I should have done to take the University Entrance Exam just because I didn’t know what I wanted to do in my life. (Even now, I have doubts)

- I was engaged and then I realised that the person who I had spent nine years of my life with, wasn't the man of me. Call me a romantic, but I knew that someone very special was waiting for me  somewhere else.

- I was running my own company, along with my business partner, when, one day in December, I asked my parents to sit down and I told them that I was going to leave everything behind and move to England for a year because I wanted to learn English.  My mum almost kill me. The truth is, there were others reasons that even I didn’t know myself at this time. 

Exactly three years ago today, 7th January, I got that plane. I could say this was my biggest New Year’s resolution: start a new life.

This is a small piece of my past, where I may be mistaken or, perhaps, I had made the best decision ever. Who knows ? but after all, I feel very proud of it. I encouraged myself to achieve my goals, to learn new skills, I became a better person, the one I had wanted to be. I had to go through some ups and downs, of course, but, you know what? there is always an invisible hand that can help push you forwards always.

Do you want to know another secret?! when I was first living on my own, I phoned my friend to ask her if I had to use oil to fry an egg. Yep, my cookery skills were so terrible that I am so shameful of them back then.  But, here I am. Cooking, photographing and writing (and also in English!) recipes for my own blog which I started seven months ago, when I came across a beautiful food photography on Pinterest which was when I said to myself: I want to do this.

I wish you all a wonderful, prosperous and happy filled 2015!

Curry prawns noodles | Lau Sunday cooks
Curry prawns noodles | Lau Sunday cooks
Curry prawns noodles | Lau Sunday cooks
Curry prawns noodles | Lau Sunday cooks
Curry prawns noodles | Lau Sunday cooks
Curry prawns noodles | Lau Sunday cooks

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Curry prawns noodles | Lau Sunday cooks
Curry prawns noodles | Lau Sunday cooks
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