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Warm spiced pumpkin apple soup


Seasonal Paleo and gluten free recipes 

Warm spiced pumpkin apple soup

Laura | Lau Sunday cooks

Pumpkin apple soup | Lau Sunday cooks

Hello November! Are you going to bring the cold once and for all?

Due to the time zone I come from, I can't help but associate November through to late February with winter, cold weather, breathing out steam, and, since I'm living in England, occasionally with snow.

In fact, it would be very strange for me to spend Christmas wearing shorts and a T-shirt. Although I would get used to it very quickly on an idyllic island, let's say... the Maldives?

Exactly the same happens with food. I freak out when I see the ice cream van still coming to our office! No matter if it's July or October, as soon as there are a few rays of sun, the ice cream vaaan is hereee!! (What a shame you can't read this the way our receptionist announces it, she is so funny).

So, I had some frozen pumpkin purée from my latest 

Halloween recipes

 to cook a warm soup but I didn't find the perfect day to do it.

I'll tell you how I imagine the perfect day: a misty and cold day, chilling out at home with nothing to do apart from curling up on a cosy sofa and watching old movies, while a log fire warms the room.

Anyway, last Monday I was off so my relaxed day at home pretty much resembled this ideal day, except for a little detail: I wasn't curling up in front of a log fire, basically because I don't have one.

But you know what, I wasn't going to let this ruin my idyllic moment. So, inspired by the first signs of winter, I decided to spend my day off doing something that I love: cooking a lovely warm spiced pumpkin apple soup.

Pumpkin apple soup | Lau Sunday cooks
Pumpkin apple soup | Lau Sunday cooks

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