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What's Paleo?

Paleo diet blog with all the information and delicious recipes to help you achieve your full health potential.




Paleo is not just a diet: it's much more than that. Also known as the paleolithic - or ‘caveman’ - diet, it's a lifestyle, a way of eating based on what our ancestors ate. By ‘ancestors’, I don't mean our great-grandparents, but the very earliest Homo Sapiens. I'm talking about eating REAL, NATURAL foods: proteins, vegetables, fruit and healthy fats.

Those of us who follow the Paleo lifestyle usually have a fridge full of meat, such as beef, pork, chicken or lamb, preferably grass-fed; free-range eggs; all types of vegetables - and we enjoy nuts, fruit and some seeds in moderation. Conversely, we avoid chemically processed food containing trans fats and added sugars, and most of us follow a gluten- and lactose-free diet.

I know; I know you're thinking that it's another one of those low-carb or excessive animal fat diets and so can't be very healthy. That was what I thought too. But believe me, proteins make us feel full between meals, as well helping us achieve energy balance throughout the day. I was fed up of being tired at three in the afternoon every day! In addition, we have a large variety of fruit and vegetables that provide us with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Read about why I decided to change my lifestyle, and discover some things that'll make you want to choose Paleo.

Paleo doughnuts with citrus glaze and edible roses

Paleo doughnuts with citrus glaze and edible roses

Have I convinced you? Are you ready to go Paleo? Great! Congratulations on taking this step and deciding to improve your health and quality of life even more. I know that right now you'll be feeling confused, you don't know what foods are Paleo-friendly and which you should avoid. You'll even be wondering whether cavemen ate Paleo chocolate and coconut cake!

There are countless books and websites explaining all the benefits of the paleolithic lifestyle from a nutritional point of view. Others focus on scientific research warning us about the negative effects of eating processed food, such as diabetes, obesity and cancer, as well as other degenerative diseases. And another approach to the Paleo diet is linked to sport and the needs of athletes. So, now you've decided to take this step towards a Paleo lifestyle, you'll be asking yourself, what kind of person am I? Do you want to lose weight but love a good dessert? Or, in contrast, are you a sportsperson needing more effective training? Or maybe, like me, you have a health problem and don't know how to cure it... Whoever you are, thank you for being here.

Mango, chorizo & egg sweet potatoes boats

Mango, chorizo & egg sweet potatoes boats

The main reason for this blog's existence is food: teaching you how to eat and inspiring you with easy and straightforward Paleo recipes, as well as helping you with meal-planning or even with what to buy when you go shopping. Initially, Paleo may seem restrictive and even boring, but eventually you'll discover the infinite variety of dishes and flavours it can bring to your palate. By following this path, you won't only be leading a healthier life and feeling more energetic: you'll also be able to do this while enjoying your food.

To help you start off your new Paleo lifestyle, I recommend reading these tips carefully.